We help with digital products legacy and tech debt.

Consulting services for small/medium companies looking to reduce concerns in their technology.

Common scenarios

Dead code and dependency cleanup

Strategy and design for sunsetting legacy components or entire versions of tech products

Remote culture migration, team growth and operations, automation of operations

Drafting of legal documents, open source licensing and leadership

Infrastructure and cost reduction

Performance instrumentation, monitoring and optimization

Previous challenges

Company IM01 worked with us for about 2 years. We built their remote product team. Helped sunset the legacy version for 4000+ corporate customers. Saved their infrastructure costs by architecting an automated data processing pipeline, with internal and external data sources, for the operations where data went from 3TB, down to 1TB.

Company ID01 worked with us for about 1 year part-time. We replaced the old version of about 80000 lines of code with a modern SPA with minimal changes to their database layout. The product passed an open initiative for penetration testing and ended up being about 10000 lines of code with a >90% test coverage and minimal maintenance efforts.

Company IM02 worked with us for about 2 years part-time. We helped them move away from a third-party authentication solution and redesigned and migrated most of their core features with a minimum impact on their customers. One of the biggest challenge was to architect a pragmatic API for running analytics/aggregations on any stored dataset for the product charting tool. We also drafted most of the legal content to cover the GDPR requirements for highly-sensitive data controller and to align it with the internal operational processes.